France India Podcast

Indo-French conversations at the intersection of culture, education and language.

Introduction to France India Podcast Series

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Episode 14:
Moving Towards Inclusivity

Language and Sexism

Our topic for this episode is – Changing perceptions – moving towards inclusivity. Read More

Episode 13:
Women in Humor

Women in diplomat roles

Hearing something funny or being amused can reduce stress, improve social relations, generate a positive mood, and increase motivation. Read More

Episode 12:
Language and Sexism

Language and Sexism

Joining Shachi in this episode are Samanvita Shetty and Abhigyan Dua, who are having a conversation with Preethi Nagaraj. Read More

Episode 11:
Women in Diplomat Roles

Women in diplomat roles

Historically, diplomacy has been the preserve of men. Each time women manage to break one barrier another one awaits them Read More

Episode 10:
Women in academia: the underrepresented gender

Women in academia: the underrepresented gender

There are numerous advantages of having female professors – they are credited with increasing class participation, providing diverse perspectives, Read More

Episode 9:
Relationship between Work, Power Structures and Inclusion

In this episode, we explore the arena of paid and unpaid work with Rushil Palavjjhala and Renu Pokharna. Read More

Episode 8:
Inclusive Public Space

Talking about gender biases to design thinking and architecture and offer solutions to create more inclusive cities. Read More

Episode 7:
Transman – A Journey to Oneself

If you google “Transgender”, most of the entries you will get will refer to Male to Female. Read More

Episode 6:
Role of an Educator in Inspiring Minds

Dr Neeta Bali is a seasoned educator with over 38 years, Read More

Episode 5:
Child Rights and Protection

Our guests for this discussion are – Anson P D Alexander and Shoba Koshy, Read More

Episode 4:
The Bitter Pill

The pandemic delivered a harsh truth: in spite of having resources and access to the best healthcare systems, Read More

Episode 3:
Acknowledging Ability

Vision is regarded as one of the five basic senses. Read More

Episode 2:
Trial & Tribulations of Women in Media

Our focus in this episode is Trials & Tribulations of Women in Media. Read More

Episode 1:
Transgender and Family Reconstruction

The term ‘transgender’ describes a person’s gender identity that does not necessarily match their assigned sex at birth. Read More

Episode 0:

Clearing The Haze is the 1st show hosted by inclusion specialist Shachi Irde as part of the Generation Equality Forum. Read More