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Ep 6: Role of an Educator in Inspiring Young Minds

Our podcast in this episode will focus on the role of an Educator in inspiring Young Minds with our guest Dr. Neeta Bali.
Dr Neeta Bali is a seasoned educator with over 38 years of experience in the field of education. Currently, she is the director-Principal, G.D. Goenka World School, Gurgaon- Sohna Road, Haryana, India. She is an eloquent speaker, Trainer and has been frequently invited to speak at various prominent educational conferences all over the country. She has spearheaded partnerships with some leading schools in Scotland – Oban High School and Wasatch Academy- Utah – USA. She has worked intensively with the British Council as a BCSA- British Council School Ambassador in promoting the spirit of international mindedness. She is the recipient of ‘Jean Lawrie International Grant ‘and award conferred on her by IASL in the year 2015 and ‘Inspiring Educator’s Award’ conferred by Rocksport and received from Dr Kiran Bedi as well as ‘Exemplary Educator’s Award ‘by Productivity Council of India in addition to the ‘Uttarakhand Rattan Award ‘conferred on her in 2015 by PPSA- Dehradun and ‘Future 50 leader shaping success’ conferred by University and Fortune India Magazine.
Podcast Summary: Role of an Educator in Inspiring Young Minds
Host: Shachi Irde
00:00: Introduction
01:48: What was your dream profession? Did you envisage the career path you have traversed?
04:56: Did you have access to a mentor sponsor as you navigate your career?
07:03: Many women experience gender bias in their careers. How did it affect you professionally?
09:46: Has there been a change in attitudes and biases?
11:10: What is the most difficult lesson you have learned in your professional life? In what unexpected ways did you grow from it?
14:13: “Fake it till you make it” and “Imposter syndrome”, in recent times both these mantras have been used. What are your thoughts on these methods?
19:55: What are some of the reasons we don’t see men taking up the profession of teaching young children in India?
22:32: You have been conferred numerous awards for being an exemplar educator share with us about your experience as an educator?
25:49: What was one piece of advice you received that has stayed with you?
27:11: Would you like to share any message for our listeners?
28:02: Conclusion. Outro.