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Ep 9: Relationship between Work, Power Structures and Inclusion

In this episode, we explore the arena of paid and unpaid work and joining me in this discussion are our two esteemed guests Rushil Palavjjhala and Renu Pokharna.

Rushil is the Co-founder and CEO of Bandhu. Bandhu is an impact-tech start-up that enables low-income workers to make data-driven migration decisions and enriches their livelihoods. Rushil holds a Master’s degree in Urban/City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wherein he focused on Finance and Tech for Urban Development in the Global South. He received a Fulbright Scholarship for the same. Rushil also holds a Bachelors in Architecture and has worked extensively on affordable housing and large urban projects in India and abroad.”

Renu runs The Ahmedabad Project – a think tank that works on civic engagement and labour reforms. She has a decade long experience working in public policy and development across India, Africa and the USA. Her stints including serving as a Chief Minister’s Fellow with the Government of Gujarat and working in Uganda, Africa, with an educational startup. With a degree in public policy from Columbia University, she has also been published in Wall Street Journal and other national newspapers. Her interests include yoga and travel; she has made solo trips across 5 out of 7 continents so far.


Podcast Summary: Relationship between Work, Power Structures and Inclusion

Host: Shachi Irde
00:00: Introduction
00:40: About Rushil and his work.
02:52: About Renu and her work.
05:32: How do you define unpaid work?
09:24: Can you throw some light on the impact of emotional labour on the woman?
13:34: Do only women do unpaid work?
17:49: When do caregiving and empathy become unpaid work?
21:44: What can we do to ensure both receive similar appreciation, fame and money for similar work done?
27:47: Conclusion.
28:16: Outro.