Ep 7: Transman – A Journey to Oneself

If you google “Transgender”, most of the entries you will get will refer to Male to Female. You will have to dig in order to find references from Female to Male. Among the Invisible transgenders, transmen are the less visible. Many reasons make them less approachable.

To get you into the perspective of transmen, this podcast brings together Kirithik Shiva, a Chennai based transman whose journey is remarkable, and Nandini Krishnan, author of an essay called Invisible Men (Penguin Random House, 2018), which presents her research work inside India’s Transmasculine Networks and collection of interviews of several trans men.

Kirithik shares with us his unique journey towards his identity as a man and some of the obstacles he had to overcome to assert himself in his genre.
Nandini presents to us parts of her long discussions with trans men, on their journeys, their lives, and their hopes.

Integrating all members of the society and allowing everyone to flourish is essential for living better together. Recognizing those who are invisible contributes greatly to this and allows us to strive for a better humanity.

Podcast Summary: Transman – A Journey to Oneself
Host: Shachi Irde
00:00: Introduction
00:49: [Kirithik] About yourself. How do you define Transman? What are the societal expectations?
03:32: [Kirithik] Are you easily accepted in a “men’s club” after your transition?
08:45: What would your advice be to someone who is struggling with their gender dysphoria?
11:46: Tell us a bit about how you go about selecting topics to write. What were some of your idea when you started this project?
13:55: What is your opinion on a cisgender women’s legitimacy to write about trans men?
16:25: Have you received testimonials from readers of your book who found answers that helped them make the transition?
18:22: What can be done to increase awareness and educate people about trans people in general and transmen in specific?
27:55: What has been your experience being an ally?
32:19: Conclusion. Outro.