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Ep 13: Women in Humor

Our topic for this episode is Humor! Hearing something funny or being amused can reduce stress, improve social relations, generate a positive mood, and increase motivation.

Humour seems to produce positive consequences for both the source and the audience.

Today, we will discuss with our guests, Nelly Quemener and Punya Arora, if the benefits of humour extend to everyone in the same way.

Nelly is a lecturer in information and communication sciences at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. Her research in the field of cultural studies focuses on the articulation of class, race and gender relations in audiovisual representations – especially humorous ones – and media controversies. She is the author of several books.

Punya is a stand-up comedian, photographer and writer based in Bangalore. Her style of comedy is observational, light-hearted and may involve more than one accent. Punya has been featured on every major stand-up stage across India such as Canvas Laugh Club, That Comedy Club, The Habitat, NCPA etc. She was a co-writer on the show Masaba Masaba which premiered on Netflix in 2020.
Podcast Summary:

00:00: Introduction
01:01: About Nelly.
03:07: About Punya.
05:32: Is humour when used by men is more accepted than when used by women?
10:41: As a female stand-up comedian do you see differences in the acceptance by the audience?
12:47: What would you advise someone who is doing their first public speaking?
19:24: Can you talk to us about the different kinds of humour?
24:51: Are there stereotypes around who can be funny and who cannot?
30:37: Comic timing is everything in humour to make an impact. How do you practice comic timing?
36:42: Closing comments advice to people who want to get into the “humour industry”
39:13: Conclusion.
39:38: Outro.