Language and Sexism
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Ep 12: Language and Sexism

This episode will focus on Language and Sexism. Joining Shachi in this episode are Samanvita Shetty and Abhigyan Dua, who are having a conversation with Preethi Nagaraj.

Preethi is an independent journalist, political analyst deeply interested in theatre and psychology. She has a strong gender perspective and would like to see all genders hold up the skies, and claim their share too.

Samanvita, a double degree holder with a Bachelor of Arts in French and an LL.B. is currently a French teacher at Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore. She is also a lawyer by profession having practised in civil and corporate litigation. Apart from her passion for French, Samanvita is also passionate about the art of acting and has theatre performances, ad films, feature films and voiceover work to her credit.

Based in Bangalore, Abhigyan works at the French Trade Commission and facilitates the India market entry of French companies.


Podcast Summary: Language and Sexism

00:00: Introduction
02:39: What are your views on the rampant prevalence of sexist and misogynistic undertones in our daily discourse?
08:18: Do you foresee a light at the end of the tunnel here for songs that denigrate women?
14:21: Do you believe that the extensive use of certain terms in local languages is the root cause for Indian men today to suppress empathy towards others, to be embarrassed by fear or any other vulnerability?
20:29: Do you believe that positive and refreshing changes are a tell-tale sign that gender stereotypes are being broken and that change is here to stay?
28:14: In your opinion, how could language be used as a positive tool to eradicate sexism rather than as a vector that promotes it?
33:06: Can a gender binary language such as Hindi be used to explore non-binary usages or phrases?
35:19: Conclusion. Outro.