Women in Diplomat Roles
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Ep 11: Women in Diplomat Roles

Historically, diplomacy has been the preserve of men. Each time women manage to break one barrier another one awaits them. Prejudices against women in decision-making positions, and stereotypes based on gender roles and men’s and women’s leadership abilities remain universal.

We have two eminent diplomats Dana Purcarescu, the Deputy Head of Mission at the French Embassy in India and Dr. Heba Salaheldin Elmarassai, the Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to India.

Dana Purcarescu is Deputy Head of Mission at the French Embassy in India since August 2019. Previously she headed the Situation Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. In Paris, she served in the Office of the Prime minister and the Directorate for Strategic Affairs, Security and disarmament. A career diplomat, she served in Brussels, Berlin and Washington.

Dr. Heba Salaheldin Elmarassai is the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to India. She has served as the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Cyprus, and to Bulgaria. She has also served in the Embassy of Egypt in Brussels. While at Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has held various positions including that of Assistant Foreign Minister for Cultural Relations, and Director of Institute for Diplomatic Studies.


Podcast Summary: Women in Diplomat Roles

00:00: Introduction
01:37 – 20:36: Conversation with Dana Purcarescu
20:38 – 37:24: Conversation with Dr. Heba Salaheldin Elmarassai
Covering the following questions:
1. How did you decide to work for the foreign service or ministry of foreign affairs?
2. What have been the biggest challenges that you have faced in your career?
3. What was your career strategy?
4. What do women bring to the field of diplomacy?
5. How do you balance between your home country culture and acknowledging of your host country culture?
6. What advice would you give someone considering working for your ministry of foreign affairs or foreign service?
7. How do you manage the dilemma of taking up exciting opportunity overseas versus being with family?
8. In your view how do men lead and how do women lead?
9. Your impressions about India.
10. Any last bit of advice.
37:26: Conclusion. Outro.