Methods and Resources

Books and material

In 2016 the Alliances Françaises India-Nepal network made a new partnership with the French publishing house Didier and introduced a new teaching book named “Saison”.

Saison covers the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

These new text book guarantees a high educational quality and assures the student a smooth progression in the learning process across digital interactions which is perfectly suited to 2.0 generation.

Indeed the book offers a good combination of media and interactive contents as follows :

  • An enriched digital textbook which allows to make extensive use of the audio and video files, to import resources, to create files and slide shows, to interact with the contents, to develop the interactive activities in class and which can be use in network


  • Exclusive digital activities to revise at home or in class in a playful in the playful manner which help to accomplished the educational objectives of the proposed units
  • A site companion with more than 550 free exercices, structured and on-line interactive and auto corrective activities
  • A lab language via a platform to enrich the course and dynamism within  the class which offer e-learning class including activities of written production and oral production


    • A community 2.0 on facebook


  • A card game (mimes and drawings) helps to learn the lexicon while playing
  • Suitable applications for tablets and smartphones are available to improve oral skills in a playful manner beside the class